Body Cleanse

AFTER the holiday season, a fresh new year starts. With Family dinners and strange eating habits due to marathon of holiday performances, holiday meals and parties I like to start January with a body cleanse. I usually like to pick a week when I don’t have any events that would get in my way.

Detoxing can be more than a simple fresh start, it makes your skin glow, it can boost your energy levels, improve digestion and help with the unwanted extra weigh we gain during the holiday time.

Here are 7 steps to do a small detox. (I am not a doctor so if you have health issues, please consult one)

  1. Drink lots of water                                                                                                                     I know that for some people, drinking a liter or 2 of water per day can be a challenge so to make it more fun you can add fresh fruits to the water. Here is a small « recipe »: sliced lemons, blueberries, raspberries and fresh mint. The more you drink the more it your body gets rid of toxins but of course don’t over do it.  You can hydrate yourself with other things such as teas, soups, juices. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Soups. They are easy to make and really fill you up without feeling heavy as it’s liquid and stretches out the stomach. It’s a hot meal that hydrates you and an easy way to eat vegetables per day. 
  3. Green juices. They are another way to get a lot fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. I like to have my green juice in the morning to wake up my digestive system and get all my vitamins to start the day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Eat raw foods.When you cook vegetables you loose some of the vitamins so it’s always good to have some raw foods. It helps with clearing up your skin and gives you lots of energy.
  5. Steam cooking. If you want to eat warm food I would recommend you to steam it. It’s the  healthiest way to cook your food, it keeps most of the vitamins and doesn’t need any fat to cook it.  
  6. Eat lots of vegetables and fruitsfull of fibers and vitamins it’s the best way to eliminate toxins from your body. 
  7. Eat grains. I like to replace meat and fish with grains during my detox. It’s a healthier (and for those on a budget after Christmas presents 😉 ) and more economic way to get your proteins.


Here are few tips I use to cleanse my body. It isn’t my actual diet throughout the year. Anyhow, it motivates me to stay fit after the holiday season when you might have not been so happy about your holiday eating habits.

Hope these tips will help you and motivate you to fresh start in 2018.

Wishing you a magical year!


1 comment on “Body Cleanse

  1. Great for after the holiday season! Can’t wait to try theses recipes.


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